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RBR: Your (Un)Official Home of the Kenneth Darby Rushing Record Countdown

Kenneth Darby is 1,077 yards away from breaking Shaun Alexander's all-time rushing record at Alabama. Alexander, the reigning NFL MVP, amassed 3,565 yards in his time at The Capstone.

Darby needs a 90 yard per game average to break the record.

KD is currently #7 on Alabama's all-time list:

  1. Shaun Alexander - 3,565 yards (1996-99)
  2. Bobby Humphrey - 3,420 yards (1985-88)
  3. Johnny Musso - 2,741 yards (1969-71)
  4. Dennis Riddle - 2,645 yards (1994-97)
  5. Bobby Marlow - 2,560 yards (1950-52)
  6. Johnny Davis - 2,519 yards (1974-77)
  7. Kenneth Darby - 2,489 yards (2003-present)
If he manages 90 yards against Hawaii, he'll move up to the #5 spot after the first game.

I've decided to track Darby's progress throughout the season and make his record chasing a weekly feature since Mike at The Card Report described this site as having a "heterosexual Kenneth Darby man crush." There will even be a spiffy pie chart every week: