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Tuesday Quick Hits: Hawaii Edition

With only a few days until kickoff, I figured you all might want to read up on the competition:

  • No better place to start than the official Hawai'i football site.
  • Actually, the best place to start is with a picture of Hawaii's dance team (click on image for bigger version):

  • If you want to see what Warriors fans are saying about Alabama, check out the Sports Hawaii football forum.
  • Speaking of the Hawai'i Sports Forum, owner/administrator Scott Komatsu appears as a guest on this week's Tide Cast. Komatsu provides some good insight into Warrior football.
  • Coach June Jones and the rest of the Warriors players and staff have gone into sandbagging mode. If you took their comments at face value, you'd think Hawai'i doesn't have a prayer. I think Coach Jones forgot that Hawai'i beat Alabama in 2003.
  • The Hawai'i press release (PDF file) for the game has rosters, depth charts and stats out the wazoo for your perusal.
  • An article about Hawaii's road problems with some info about their QB Colt Brennan thrown in.
  • Hawai'i has named their three captains for the season. So keep an eye out on these team leaders.
  • Great article about Peter Kim in The Honolulu Advertiser. Kim was a kicker at both Alabama and Hawai'i.

    Peter Kim

  • Here's a YouTube highlight reel from Hawaii's 2005 season: