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Nobody Wants to Lose to a Football School in Basketball

Coach Mark Gottfried (AP/Jason Harless)

I've been clamoring for Alabama to release their basketball schedule and was surprised to find out today that the reason it hasn't been released is because it isn't complete. A quote from Coach Mark Gottfried says it all about why the schedule isn't finished yet:

"We're the football school that's getting a lot of respect nationally as a basketball team. There are a lot of times we're not a real attractive opponent. People don't want to get beat by a team that their fans think is a football school."

Alabama basketball has been on the rise with the team appearing in five straight NCAA tournaments as well as making an Elite 8 run in 2004. Last season Alabama beat Florida and LSU, both of who made the Final Four as well as beating Kentucky, Tennessee and Marquette. The last few years have seen Bama beat Syracuse, Wisconsin, Stanford and others.

Gottfried has been in negotiations with Georgetown and Seton Hall and it is likely one of those two will fill the last spot on Bama's schedule. Oklahoma comes to Tuscaloosa this year and the Tide travels to Notre Dame and NC State.