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Completely Crimson Campaign

I was reading the Block U blog recently and was very impressed by a crowd shot of Rice-Eccles Stadium that was posted there.

Notice that almost the entire crowd is decked out in the bright red of the Utah Utes.

Compare that with this crowd shot of Bryant-Denny Stadium:

It's impressive, and mostly crimson, but there is a whole lot of white sprinkled in as well. I think it would be a fantastic idea to have BDS be a sea of 100% crimson every week. It would be an amazing visual and a great addition to our incredibly rich tradition.

Just imagine 92,000 people ALL wearing crimson singing Rammer Jammer. We cheer as one, we sing as one and as odd as it may sound, we should all dress as one. The players all have the same uniform, why should the fans be any different? We're there to cheer them on, to be their 12th man (please don't sue me Texas A&M), so let's all dress like we're part of the team and WEAR CRIMSON. Take a look at any Bama store and you can find every variety of clothing on earth in crimson: t-shirts, dress shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, ponchos, tank tops, baby clothes, etc.

Spread the word. Forward this post to your friends via email, post it on message boards, but get the word out and let's make Bryant-Denny Stadium COMPLETELY CRIMSON.