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Wednesday A.M. Quick Hits

Busy day for me today: class, working on papers, job interview, meetings, getting my car fixed, etc. Blogging will be light least 'til well after sundown.

Alabama coaches and players discuss how Hawaii's system is similar to that of Texas Tech. Walace Gilberry had this to say:

"They like to spread it out. They like to get people out of position. They've got big-play receivers and a quarterback with the big arm."

The SEC, Big 10 and ACC are leaning on bowl game orgaziners to upgrade their stadiums. One example the article cited was the Citrus Bowl in Orlando. Having been to three games there, I agree completely.

 There will be a lot of youth on the field on Saturday.

Don't forget to sign up for my Pick 'Em game. 55 of you have registered so far!

Hawai'i has had no full contact practices and won't do any hitting until the ball is kicked off on Saturday.

Alabama makes a few appearances on Kirk Herbstreit's "Herbie Awards." Unfortunately all of their "awards" are for non-player related items: 8th best gameday location, 2nd place restaurant (Cypress Inn), and the SEC won a collective award for prettiest coeds.

Somebody is ripping off the guys at EDSBS...and that's not good. (HT: The M Zone)

Peter over at Burnt Orange Nation did a tailgating test run yesterday complete with satellite hookup, generator and flat screen TV. I love football and what it does to people.