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Roll Bama Roll Pick 'Em Game to Debut This Season

You will not actually get this trophy if you win the contest

Roll Bama Roll is going to conduct a Pick 'Em game this fall and I want all of you to participate. Why should you participate you might ask? The opportunity to boast about your supreme football knowledge and to gloat over the fact that everyone else isn't as good as you.

Oh, and there's going to be prizes. We've got some cool stuff lined up to give away so far: t-shirts, books, gift certificates, etc. There are non-Alabama related prizes as well so you non-Bama fans that read Roll Bama Roll have no excuse for not participating. It is also free to participate, so you really have no exuse not to play.

Here is how it will work:

Every week, we will pick the winners of 12 games. We will simply be picking winners and losers. No scores, no Vegas lines, etc.

Here are the games we will pick every week:

  • Alabama's game
  • Games featuring teams in the AP Top 10
  • Other games will be selected at my discretion to reach the 12 game weekly total

As a tie-breaker, we will pick the scores as well as the winners of the five BCS bowls.

There will be a grand prize (TBA) for the best overall season points total (including the bowls), but to keep it interesting, we will give things away in random weeks for who did best that particular week.

On the Monday of each game week, I will post the games that we'll be picking for the upcoming weekend. You will have until midnight (CST) on the Friday before the games to get your picks in. In the event that Louisville, Virginia Tech or another team that loves playing weeknight games is in the Top 10, you'll have until noon (CST) of the day the first ranked team plays during the week.

I know this is a lot of instructions now, but it's really quite simple and I do all of the work. I will also post weekly standings in a convenient chart so you see where you are and who your competition is. I will also repost instructions weekly to make it super simple.

What do you need to do to participate?

Simply email me at with a username (preferrably one that you register on this site so there's no confusion and so you can smack talk the competition.) Your username is what will be posted on the weekly standings chart. Emailing me is also how you'll submit your picks every week (unless I can figure out one of those cool HTML information submitting forms.)

I WILL NOT use your email address for any other purpose than this game. It is safe with me, because I hate spammers too. You will only receive one email a week from me during the season and that will be the reminder I'll send out 24 hours before your weekly picks are due.

I think this can be a lot of fun and the more people that play, the better it will be, so spread the word.

Also, if you're interested in donating prizes (football related items: t-shirts, hats, DVDs, autographed items, etc.) I will be happy to give your company or business (or you as an individual) all the credit in the world for donating items. I will proudly mention them in the weekly posts as a contributor to this contest. Just use the email above to contact me.

I will post reminders as the season gets closer, but I wanted to go ahead and get the word out on this.