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Good Morning Bama Nation! (That goes for the rest of y'all too)

  • This weekend felt like it was over before it even started. For that very reason, I bring you my favorite "longing for a perpetual weekend" song, which is Stay Away Monday by Colorado's very own Leftover Salmon.
  • On Friday, I announced that I'm starting a Pick 'Em game this fall and so far the response has been good. I've had 16 people "formally register" and many more have expressed an interest in playing. I'm still working out the details on the grand prize, but it will be good.

    Here's who is registered so far:

    • AthensDawg_10
    • BigCountry 85
    • Carla Jean
    • Cool Hand Mike
    • Duran
    • Jeff
    • Newspaper Hack
    • Nico
    • Roll01tide
    • roltyd
    • T. Kyle King
    • Todd
    • tristarscoop
    • ufgator90nc
    • Wincrimson
    • zinzarin

    If you want to participate in this you need to contact me via the site email ( and let me know that you want to participate and let me know what your username on the site is.

  • It's too soon to play each other again

    College Football News has compiled their bowl projections for this season and get this...they have Alabama playing Southern Miss in the Liberty Bowl.

    Man oh man would that ever suck. Alabama has played Southern Miss in 23 of the last 26 seasons. 2006 marks the the end of their long standing series and it would be such a letdown to meet them in a bowl the year after the contract ended.

    To me, one of the special things about a bowl game is the fact that you are typically competing against a team that you don't play frequently. It would be too soon in my opinion and I think the bowl committee would try to avoid that scenario.  Not only that, I think Alabama will finish the season with a record good enough to take them to a more prestigious bowl.  

    I have to say that their projected Sugar Bowl meeting between LSU and Louisville is quite compelling though.

    For the somewhat local angle, they have Houston vs. Pitt in the inaugural Birmingham Bowl. Bama plays Houston next year so maybe they could sell a few more tickets based on our rabid fanbase wanting to do early scouting.

  • To get you even more excited about the season, here's a video of highlights from a variety of teams from the 2005 season (yes, there are a few Bama clips in there):

    (HT: Schembechler Hall)