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Roll Bama Roll Joins the BlogPoll

I've joined the BlogPoll.

For those of you unaware of the BlogPoll, it is a Top 25 college football ranking voted on by sports bloggers. This has been going on for a few years and this will be my first year to participate. There's roughly 75 bloggers that vote and we figure that a poll by us is just as valid as any other, except we don't give out a trophy at the end of the year and our weekly rankings won't be found on, Yahoo Sports, CBS', or your local paper. Besides that though, it's exactly the same.

I will post my weekly ballots here for your admiration or ridicule.

I'm pondering my preseason Top 25 and will post it later in the week once classes are over on Wednesday. I actually want to abstain from a preseason ballot, but will submit one anyway since I will have no issue with dropping someone from my #1 spot even if they're undefeated if they aren't performing as well as the #2 team.

Anyway, this should be fun and I look forward to everyone's commentary on my participation.