Replacing Chris Capps

After the Vandy game on Saturday, I can officially say I have had more than enough of Chris Capps... and it is time for him to go.  Kyle Tatum is the obvious choice to replace him immediately, but unfortunately for us, he really isn't any better.  It doesn't matter how badass Andre Smith is playing at LT, cause any team that watches the Vandy film is going to be rushing the right side of the line.  It seems obvious to me that Capps will NEVER be the athlete he needs to be to start on an OL in the SEC.  I don't know if we need to move some guards around and find one that can play RT, or if we need to pull the redshirt off of Alex Stadler or one of the other highly touted freshman lineman, but if we don't do something IMMEDIATELY, we are going to be in the same situation we were in last year... and I know nobody wants that.  Teams with All-American D-lineman like Tenn, LSU and Aub will destroy us if we can't protect on the right side.  

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