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Ken Darby Rushing Record Countdown: Through Game 2

KD is still having some trouble running. Things improved towards the end of the game, but he's still performing way under expectations. Some of it has to do with line play (especially at right tackle), but there were also some mental errors not typical of Darby (tripping over a lineman's feet, too much "dancing" in the backfield, etc.)

Breaking this record has become even more difficult after Week 2. At the beginning of the season, he needed 90 yards per game to break the record. After Week 1, he needed 96 yards per game. He now needs 99 yards per game to break Shaun Alexander's all-time rushing record. Of course, if we go to a bowl game, he only needs 90 per game.

I'm obviously a lot less interested in the record than I am in us winning football games, but this is where it currently stands: