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Tuesday Afternoon Quick Hits

  • While Bama has scored only 38 points in it's first two games, there are actually teams in the SEC with worse offensive woes.  In the first two weeks, the following teams have managed to score less than the Tide: Ole Miss with 35, Arkansas with 34, Vandy with 17, South Carolina with 15 (oh man, would I love to be a fly on the wall of Spurrier's office this week), and Mississippi State has yet to score a single point.  State faces Tulane, who gave up 45 to C-USA foe Houston, this weekend, but there's still no guarantee that the drought will pass.
  • As for the slow start for Darby, Christopher Walsh of the Tuscaloosa News has a few reminders:

  1. Darby is at his best when he can get to a hole and then make someone miss. For the most part he hasn't been able to that. Against Hawaii, his hip was obviously bothering him and it's probably still sore.
  2. The Commodores were focused on stopping Darby. He had no chance on the screen for an 8-yard loss and a lineman got beat on his carry for a 6-yard loss.
  3. Bad luck/he's pressing. How else to you describe tripping over a lineman's leg and being tackled by someone already on the ground?
  4. Other players are getting more carries, and not just sophomore Jimmy Johns. Senior fullback Tim Castille had five carries for 19 yards.
  5. The offensive line isn't clicking yet, which shouldn't be surprising considering all the changes. A good example as on Darby's 1-yard loss to the left: When Castille didn't get his man, junior guard Justin Britt was pushed back on his pull, thus couldn't get to the safety and Darby couldn't get around the corner.
  6. The playcalling. When Alabama got into Vanderbilt territory, it kept trying to run instead of using the play-action to take advantage of the committed linebackers. Also, the Tide threw more on first down, 13 times.
  7. Darby might be a bit of a slow starter. Last year, he had 169 yards on 39 carries (4.3 average) after Middle Tennessee State and Southern Miss.