Auburn or LSU

I've been an avid LSU hater pretty much all my life, and they are usually the most talented team in the west so its always nice to see them lose.  Not that I don't have a burning hate for Auburn... because I do... but LSU is usually more of a threat than Auburn is.

But this year, I just can't stand the fact that all the Auburn fans are already scheduling trips to the NC title game... and I would love nothing more than to see them get steamrolled at home by LSU and put an end to all their NC talk right now.

I used to go to school with a bunch of Louisiana guys... and they were as obnoxious as they come about LSU.  But now, I'm working in an office with a bunch of Auburn fans that want to talk about Juwan Simpson and how Tubberville is the best coach in the country.  So my question is who do you hate more and who are you going to be pulling for this weekend?

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