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Thursday Quick Hits

Sorry for my long posting absence. I will be updating the blog again regularly beginning today!

 Don't forget to make your picks in the Pick 'Em game for the weekend. Double check that the games listed are the ones you've picked. I will make a post dedicated to the Pick 'Em game later today to explain what's going on with it.

South Carolina QB Blake Mitchell was arrested after a bar fight on Wednesday. I wonder if Spurrier threw his visor when he found out?

Punters, fear your backup!

If you think the media doesn't have an infatuation with Notre Dame, I can give you a really good deal on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Dave Rader gets a raise. Am I the only one disturbed by this?

Terry Grant will not play this weekend. Coffee and Christensen still hurt.

Tide offense not worried about low production. I hope that's not false bravado because I am worried about our offense's production.

Darby says focusing on record contributed to his poor performance and that he's not thinking about it anymore. I hope that's true and that he can break the spell he's cast over himself against La-Monroe.