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Friday Quick Hits

  • I stayed home last night to watch West Virginia destroy the Maryland High School All-Star team 45-24 last night. I opted for the game on the tube instead of going to see Samford beat Austin Peay 17-10 on a late drive. I probably still made the right choice though as neither Samford nor Austin Peay put up more than 250 yards of total offense.
  • The allegations that Reggie Bush and his family received money and other benefits while at USC gets more interesting every time it's brought up. Yahoo Sports broke the story initially and they're the unofficial ReggieGate headquarters.
  • Kyle, defender of freedoms and champion of the SEC has argued that the SEC shouldn't be lumped in with the perceived East Coast Bias. Need anymore evidence that ESPN is just pimping their own programming and that they don't have a bias? Gameday is at USC this week in a game featuring the #19 Nebraska Cornhuskers taking on the #4 USC Trojans. Nevermind that the #3 Auburn Tigers are facing the #6 LSU Tigers tomorrow in a game that has both national & conference title implications. That game has barely received a portion of the attention other games on "Seperation Saturday" have since it's going to be on CBS and not ABC/ESPN/2/U/360/Ocho/Disney/Mickey Mouse.
  • Yeah, that Mike Shula only cares about winning doesn't he? He has no interest in disciplining his players. He doesn't care what they do as long as they win. Wait a minute, that's what Auburn fans and Paul Finebaum say and it doesn't actually resemble the truth.
  • Here's a story about LA-Monroe QB Kinsmon Lancaster.
  • The Basketball schedule has been released. Unfortunately, we couldn't work something out with one of the Big East teams.