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Predicting the SEC: Week 3

I am rocking the house so far on predicting games involving SEC teams. Through two weeks, I'm a staggering 19-1. Now, that doesn't mean too much since we're only beginning to get into the heavyweight games. Regardless of whether I'm any good at this or not, here's my picks for the week:

Mitch Mustain...OMG...the greatest QB everz!!

Wow. How dull with the contest between Arkansas and Vanderbilt be? The only reason this game is on TV is because (incredibly) there are even less inspiring match-ups this weekend. Arkansas will win, but no one will notice.

All the Larry McSwains in the world won't help UAB win this one

I typically want SEC teams to win their out of conference games, even if it is against mid-majors that are happy to go to a third tier bowl game. UAB is one of the three universities I've attended though and I'd love to see the Blazers light up the Bulldogs. Just because I fantasize about it doesn't mean it will happen though. Georgia wins by a mile. man

The annual battle of the Tigers should be just as awesome as ever this year. Unfortunately (at least to this Alabama fan), this has become the most important game in the SEC West in recent years and probably will be this year too. I don't think Auburn will drop two in a row to the LSU, especially after last year's special teams disaster. Auburn wins by a nose.

I couldn't find a picture of Schaeffer in an Ole Miss uniform quickly, so you get UT Brent instead

I'm expecting Ole Miss to win this one and am picking them solely based on history. Both teams are 1-1, both have been blown out by superior teams and both have victories over opponents that don't mean too much. At least Ole Miss beat a D1 team though.

Amateur boxing night at the local watering hole will keep Mitchell sidelined this weekend

South Carolina takes on local junior high school Wofford this weekend and I think tickets to the game are free because no one cares enough to pay money to see this. South Carolina will steamroll them despite being without amateur boxer QB Blake Mitchell.

Enjoy this weekend Sly, it'll be one of the few brightspots of your season

That's right, I'm picking a team that's been outscored 49-0 in their first two games to win because Tulane got waxed 45-7 by Houston. It'll be a sumptuous feast of inept offense and bad defense. Mississippi State wins something to the tune of 10-7.

KD is going to bust off 100 in this game

The Warhawks lost to Kansas by two last weekend and beat Alcorn State 24-6 in their season opener. If Alabama doesn't completely wax LA-Monroe then put me in the "officially, seriously mega-worried" camp for the road game against Arkansas next week. Alabama gets their first comfortable 'W' of the season.

This man is going to lose tomorrow

I'm definately pulling for Florida in this one. First of all, I hate Tennessee and can only (begrudgingly) pull for them when it helps Alabama. Secondly, I don't think Florida will drop two big games so close together, so I'd rather Alabama deliver the first blow to the Gators' season just like last year. Not only do I hope the Gators win, I think they will win. Florida wins late in a close one that lives up to its prime time billing.