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BlogPoll Week 3 Rough Draft

Rank Team Delta
1 Ohio State --
2 Auburn 2
3 Southern Cal 1
4 West Virginia 1
5 Florida 2
6 Michigan 6
7 Texas 1
8 Louisville 1
9 Georgia 1
10 Louisiana State 4
11 Virginia Tech 5
12 Iowa 6
13 Oregon 2
14 Notre Dame 11
15 Tennessee 2
16 TCU 10
17 Florida State 6
18 UCLA 1
19 Clemson 2
20 Oklahoma --
21 Arizona State 5
22 Boston College 2
23 Nebraska 6
24 Boise State 1
25 Alabama 1

Dropped Out: Miami (Florida) (#14), Cal (#22), Penn State (#23).

Games I watched entirely:
West Virginia vs. Maryland
Auburn vs. LSU
Alabama vs. Louisiana-Monroe

Games I saw most of:
Tennessee vs. Florida
Texas A&M vs. Army
Toledo vs. Kansas

Games I saw portions of:
Michigan vs. Notre Dame
Arkansas vs. Vanderbilt
Oklahoma vs. Oregon
USC vs. Nebraska
Louisville vs. Miami


OHIO STATE: They're holding onto the top spot for now largely based on the Texas win.

AUBURN: As much as it pains me to say it, Auburn could be #1 soon if tOSU slips up. Sure, they only scored seven points, but it was enough to get past LSU's monster defense and they displayed some brutal defense too. They got a few home team calls from the refs (I'm referring more to the LSU first down that was reversed early in the game moreso than the waved off pass interference call) but still looked solid all around.

SOUTHERN CAL: Solid win over a solid team. They didn't really do anything where they should've been dropped, but Auburn just looks vicious and they met an equally vicious opponent that kept it close and low scoring.

WEST VIRGINIA: Steamrolled Maryland

FLORIDA: Good win on the road against a good team.

MICHIGAN: Beat the absolute piss out of the Domers.

TEXAS: Fluff win over Rice bumps them up one since two teams ahead of them lost.

LOUISVILLE: Slaughtered Miami. Could be in trouble soon since Bush is out for the season and Brohm is gone for 3-6 weeks.

GEORGIA: Absolutely hosed a UAB team that kept things close with Oklahoma.

LSU: They could very well finish their season 11-1 and still finish second in the SEC West. Can't drop them too far for a gutsy, but losing performance.

VIRGINIA TECH: I'm not completely sold on VT since they've played nobody. They have, however, beaten the snot out of them all though. 2006 looks like a year with a lot of so-so teams in it so VT can rise high for now on pounding cupcakes.

IOWA: The OT win against Syracuse still lingers in my mind, but there were so many ranked teams lost this week that they go up quite a bit for defeating rival ISU.

OREGON: Don't want to reward them too much for winning a game they shouldn't have won. Boo on Pac-10 officials.

NOTRE DAME: Feel the sting of Michigan's pimp hand! They've still got some talent though and the whipping of Penn State still makes them a team to take seriously.

TENNESSEE: If Ainge can stay focused and they tighten up on some stuff, Tennessee will give some folks some serious trouble.

TCU: I don't even really agree with this pick, but they're winning and convincing everyone else so I'll go along with it for now.

FLORIDA STATE: They're coasting on name right now.

UCLA: They're 2-0 and had a bye and edge up a spot.

CLEMSON: An important win for them, could be a season turning point.

OKLAHOMA: I'm not going to punish them in my poll for a stupid officiating error.


BOSTON COLLEGE: Sure, they've had to go to OT twice, but they've won both times and winning under pressure should be rewarded.

NEBRASKA: Lost to a much better opponent. Not too much to be ashamed of.

BOISE STATE: I admit to having a prejudice against mid-majors, but Boise State is winning and looked really good against Oregon State.

ALABAMA: Total homer pick. I feel justified doing it based on my agreement with Kyle that "there aren't 25 teams worthy of inclusion in the top 25."

Comments? Criticisms? Praise?