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Pick 'Em Game Updates

The games for this week's Roll Bama Roll Pick 'Em have been set:

Auburn v. Buffalo
Cal v. Arizona State
Florida v. Kentucky
Georgia v. Colorado
Michigan v. Wisconsin
East Carolina v. West Virginia
Ohio State v. Penn State
Texas v. Iowa State
Kansas State v. Louisville
Arkansas v. Alabama
Arizona v. USC
LSU v. Tulane

I apologize for not updating the games sooner, but as I've mentioned several times lately, there is some chaos in my personal life at present and I'm not getting access to a computer as often as I'd like.

Also, I should mention that when the games are changed for a week, it effects the games that appear on previous weeks. Your score will always be correct, but you can't check a history of your picks (right now anyway.) The fine folks at said they're working to change that.

I think that covers all that's been going on with the Pick 'Em game for now. I think I will try to make next week a prize giveaway week.

If you have any questions, post them here for everyone to read and I'll answer them, or email them to