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17 more hours until "Yea Alabama"

We're getting closer and closer to kickoff. Tuscaloosa is in FULL FOOTBALL MODE and has been for a day or two now. The RV army has rolled into town taking up vast amounts of parking and they've been tailgating for days. I was down on The Strip a few hours ago (and am about to go back down there) and the party is in full swing. It's swarming with Bama fans and the whole place is buzzing in anticipation of the beginning of another year of Crimson Tide football.

Haven't seen any Hawai'i fans yet, but I know at least a handful are coming because they were discussing it on the forums. Hopefully they're enjoying the atmosphere of big time college football. There is a large banner welcoming Peter Kim back to town hanging off of the BamaStuff store. Sleep well Bama fans, for tomorrow begins our season. Wear crimson, scream your lungs out, and cheer our team onto a 1-0 record tomorrow!

Yea Alabama (MP3)

I'm going to the game tomorrow, but will post an "open thread" where you all can discuss the game as it's happening.