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Injury announcements

Alabama announced that three players are injured and having surgery:

Terry Grant: RB (Freshman): Shoulder injury. Will have surgery on Thursday and miss the rest of the season. I hate that one of our return men is out already. He also looked good running the ball against LA-Monroe. I guess the good news is that he's now redshirted.

Cory Reamer: S (Sophomore): Left knee. Will undergo surgery on Thursday. Is expected to miss several weeks.

Tyrone Prothro: WR (Senior): Leg. Prothro had another surgery on Monday. This ends any and all speculation that he was going to play this year. Honestly though, I can't believe people were holding out any hope that he would play this year. On this blog, I reported seeing him on crutches in late May and seeing him in an aircast in late August. There's no way either of those scenarios allows someone to play in the SEC. I'm assuming he'll be granted a medical redshirt and that we'll see him in 2007.