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Thursday Quick Hits

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  • The New BlogPoll is out. Alabama is ranked #25. I placed #4 in the "Mr. Numb Existence" category meaning that my ballot was fourth closest to the sum total of all the pollsters. I finished #3 in this week's "Straight Bangin' Award" meaning I picked my team below the average.
  • Kyle of Dawg Sports has compared SEC teams to Grey's Anatomy characters. I don't watch the show, but I know it's popular. Alabama came in as Richard Webber.
  • Clay Travis of CBS tackles a subject a friend of mine from Wisconsin once brought up to me: Why do Southern men feel comfortable cheering with glorified pompons at SEC football games? Fortunately for me, I don't (nor have I ever) used the glorified pompom. (HT: EDSBS)

    Here's the best bit from the story:

    Southern men ridicule Southern male cheerleaders to no end. Pick any section of any SEC football stadium on a Saturday and I guarantee you a male cheerleader is getting made fun of by someone. Yet we do this while standing in the crowd shaking pompons in time to band music. This is despite the fact that I've never seen a Southern male cheerleader ever hold a pompon. In fact, Southern male cheerleaders are generally looking up hot women's skirts while men with pompons are making fun of them from the crowd. This is the rough equivalent of ridiculing Brad Pitt while he's making out with Angelina Jolie and you are in the process of rubbing lotion into Star Jones' stretch marks. It makes no sense.
  • Blue-Gray Sky discusses (and provides visual evidence) of the hazards of watching important games in the presence of your children.
  • Speaking of children, check out this story over at the The M Zone about a dad helping his QB son cheat.
  • I will be at a few events around the Birmingham area in the upcoming weeks: UAB vs. Mississippi State on Saturday night. Jose Gonzalez at the BottleTree Cafe on 9/25 and Old Crow Medicine Show at the Alabama Theatre on 10/19. Drop me a line at if you're going to any of those.