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The Best Team In The League?

Update [2006-9-22 11:23:28 by Todd]: Proving once again that no one pays more attention to Bama than Auburn fans, AUFan3000 and AU03 have pointed out that I misspoke by saying "best record in SEC play," instead of "best record in the SEC." Auburn does, in fact, have the best record in SEC play, while Alabama has the best overall record in the SEC. Since I'm a bonehead I just fired off a quick post and let it go without proofreading. Good catch guys, and I'll be counting on the loyal opposition to keep doing my copy editing for me.

Ask someone who has the best record in SEC play since the start of last season and they will more than likely answer Auburn, LSU, Florida, or defending SEC Champ UGA.  With 12-3 marks, those wouldn't be bad guesses, but they would all be wrong.  Our very own Crimson Tide is at the head of the pack with a 13-2 record.