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Which Office Character is Your Team?

Since it's a mercifully slow day at work, Dawg Sports got my creative juices flowing, and the 3rd season premiered last night, I submit to you a comparison of SEC teams and characters from The Office.

Western Division:
Alabama - Jim

Has the talent for bigger and better things, but Pam/Auburn has held them back.  Jim did seek and accept a promotion though, and Bama is looking for greater success itself.

Arkansas - Dwight

If I told you about a man who was a part time beet farmer, practiced karate at a fourth grade level, and once attempted (and failed) to take his shirt off at a local Chili's to cushion the head of a drunk girl, you might think I was talking about Houston Nutt.

Auburn - Pam

Much like Pam is with Jim, Auburn fans are secretly obsessed with Alabama but refuse to admit it.

LSU - Jan

Suffered from an ill conceived collapse to UT/Michael that they'll never live down.

Ole Miss - Angela

Totally hot in a stuck up way.  Typically succumbs to Dwight/Arkansas.

Mississippi State - Toby

Both sadly and silently keep their place in the back, and State might be better off dropping football and adopting Toby's game Dunder Ball instead.

Eastern Division:
Florida - Kelly

Will not shut up, not even for a second, no matter what.

Georgia - Stanley

The quiet and unassuming giant of the office/conference.

Kentucky - Creed

Creed has never owned a refrigerator, Kentucky has never won a national title.  Plus, generally ignored until direct contact is absolutley necessary.

South Carolina - Oscar

Both love those Cocks.

Tennessee - Michael

Loud, foolishly arrogant, pisses off EVERYONE around them, sometimes causes you to root for their success but always quickly reminds you of why they are not good people.

Vanderbilt - Ryan the temp

Ryan could clean out his desk and be gone in five seconds and no one would ever know he'd been there, much like Vandy could leave the conference and no one would really notice.