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Around the SEC: Todd's Picks

Nico's done pretty well with his SEC picks the past few weeks, so I'm going to jump on this bandwagon and see how well I can do. My picks in bold:

Georgia vs. Colorado:  Apparently someone sabotaged the breaks on the Dan Hawkins Humility Tour Bus.

Auburn vs. Buffalo:  No brainer here.

Alabama at Arkansas:  Trap game for the Tide, but there are some serious problems at Arkansas.  What happened to Reggie Herring?

Tennessee vs. Marshall:  Marshall just plain sucks, and even if UT manages another game with negative rushing yards they'll still whip the pants off the Thundering Herd.  That's actually a disgusting mental image...

Ole Miss vs. Wake Forest:  Speaking of just plain sucking, what happened to the Rebels after the Memphis game?  They didn't look too hot on defense, but I figured they'd at least out shoot a few opponents.  

Vanderbilt vs. Tennessee State:  Honestly, in a season that's seen several 1-AA teams pulling upsets over 1-A teams, it's tempting to go with State on this.  But I just can't seem to make myself.

South Carolina vs. Florida Atlantic:  Clemson hung 54 on the Owls (seriously, who picks an Owl for their mascot?), so let's see how many Spurrier can.  

Wise, knows about Tootsie Pops, but not likely to strike fear into the hearts of it's opponents.  Well, unless your mascot is a small rodent.  I'm looking at you, Minnesota...

Mississippi State at UAB:  Actually a tough call.  When UAB is a dead lock it's when they are most apt to fail.

Kentucky at Florida:  Florida stays unbeaten one more week...

Tulane at LSU:  LSU gets two weeks off with Tulane and Missippi State coming to town before heading to Gainesville.  I imagine they'll be back to form by then.