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Thoughts on the Kicking Game

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That whole "a rose by any other name" thing must not apply to kickers...

While I'm pretty firmly in the "play calling cost us the game" camp, and intend to write a lenghty diatribe on that later tonight, I will say that Leigh Tiffin has plenty to answer for as well.  Despite the premise that calling plays to set up field goals with a shaky kicking game/rattled kicker is simply moronic, he should have made those kicks.  It's what he practices all week, it's all he has to do (he's not handling kick offs, field goals are his only job), it's something he hasn't displayed a lot of trouble with all season, and when it comes down to it no kicker deemed good enough to appear on a Div 1-A roster (much less a historical football power's) should miss that many kicks in one game.  I'm fairly positive that Christensen will be miraculously healed this week in time for the trip to Gainesville.

Jonas Nightingale to Tuscaloosa please, Jonas Nightingale to Tuscaloosa...