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More on the Kicking Game

According to the Decatur Daily, Shula planned on replacing Tiffin with Christensen after the second overtime:

Immediately following Saturday's loss, Shula said he had decided to send Jamie Christensen onto the field should the Tide need another field goal.

If Christensen was healthy enough to be given a chance if the game had gone into a third OT, why wasn't he out there kicking when a field goal would have won the game outright?  With Tiffin missing two already (and with either one of them winning the game in regulation), it would have made sense to me to send in the guy who's already hit game winning kicks under tremendous pressure.  There's no guarantee that he would have made the kick either, but as a head coach you should always give your team the best opportunity to win and Saturday he was wearing #86. Just one more decision to second guess all week...