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Wednesday Afternoon Quick Hits

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  • I seriously think something is wrong with KD.  He's making his cuts too early and generally hesitating on the field, much like he did while playing with a sports hernia in the '04 Iron Bowl.  I've tended to agree with those who think he should sit out until he's healthy/ready to get back to form and let Jimmy Johns carry the load, but I'm quickly changing my mind now that Kevin Scarbinsky is in agreement.  When the day comes that Scarbinsky is right on anything other than his being a total freaking idiot, I'll eat my hat.
  • Speaking of hats, Joe Kines would like two of them.  I think he'd look pretty awesome strolling the sidelines with this one myself.
  • DJ Hall knows his stadiums:
"We read all the quotes of what Florida's saying. That motivates a lot of people," junior wide receiver DJ Hall said. "Pretty much they aren't giving us any respect. They think because we're playing at Florida it's going to be a huge difference. But the grass is green on every field ... except Boise."

- The loss of Roman Harper, Anthony Madison, and Charlie Peprah after last season made many question Bama's abilities in the secondary, but this new bunch is turning out to be as talented and well coached as the last:

Players say the formula is simple. Put a bunch of fast guys together, get them to run to the ball, force them to catch like a bunch of receivers, and then set them loose. With coordinator Joe Kines calling the defenses and players studying film like crazy, it all looks so easy.