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Around the SEC: Todd's Picks

I forgot to post yesterday to include the AU/SC game, so here are the rest of the conference's games and my picks to win (in bold):

UT at Memphis: Fulmer tends to have trouble with C-USA opponents, but rarely does he lose to them.  Plus, Memphis's only win is against 1-AA Chattanooga, so I doubt they'll even be in it after 10 minutes of play.

Mississippi State at LSU:  Croom got his first win last weekend, but with a trip to Baton Rouge tomorrow and WVa coming to Starkville next weekend, it's back to our regularly scheduled program for the time being.

Alabama at Florida: No matter who we play or where, I can't bring myself to pick against the Tide.  We could be headed to the Horseshoe to take on tOSU this weekend and I'd still say something along the lines of "it'll be a close one, but the Tide starts clicking and pulls this one out!"

Central Michigan at Kentucky: The Chippewas pushed Boston College for four quarters and beat a good Akron team, so I'm going with them.

Temple at Vanderbilt: The Owls are 0-4 on the season, and Vandy is 1-3, with the only win coming over 1-AA Texas State. Seems like a tough call, but Vandy has actually challenged their opponents while Temple has only scored 10 points all season while giving up 174.

UGA at Ole Miss:  The Rebels could possibly win only one more game this year (against 1-AA Northwestern State), and that might be a stretch.  What the crap is going on over there?