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Friday Quick Hits

Sorry the posting has been light the last day or two. I've had a family emergency come up and that is taking almost all of my time.

Due to said family emergency, I really haven't had time to do a proper Vanderbilt preview, so go read Todd's preview instead.

I went to Davis Wade Stadium last week as part of my Ultimate Football Project. I've linked to that review and will be posting my Bryant-Denny Stadium experience soon as well.

I'd like to start featuring some tailgating and game photos taken by fans on the site. Please email photos (or links to photos) of tailgating at Bama games (they can even be of opposing fans) to

Don't forget to make your Pick 'Em picks. You can change your mind on a game up until kickoff. Also, don't forget to hit "SAVE" after you make your picks.

Great article from SMQ about how football video games give you a better grip on the real thing. I don't think the girlfriends & wives of the world will view that as a valid reason to play video games though.

JazzyUte at Block U not only predicts the winner of every D1 game this weekend, he predicts the scores too.