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New Years Day Stuff

I too would like to welcome bamahoops to Roll Bama Roll.  It's nice to see someone posting about basketball that knows what he's talking about for a change.

The Birmingham News (you know, the blabbermouths that queered the Rodriguez deal) is reporting that Alabama is ready to make Nick Saban the highest paid coach in college football:

Alabama is prepared to offer approximately $4 million per year with no signing bonus, one source close to the situation said. The length of the contract was uncertain. The yearly amount would make Saban the highest-paid football coach at any public university. Oklahoma's Bob Stoops earns $3.45 per year. It is uncertain how much Charlie Weis makes at Notre Dame, which as a private university is not required to release such information, but numerous Web sites place his salary at $3.3 million per season.

Meanwhile, EDSBS finds evidence that it isn't just money Alabama's offering.

One interesting tidbit from the Miami Herald:

Saban has $15 million remaining on his contract with the Dolphins that extends for three more seasons. Saban is free to go to Alabama because there is no buyout or departure penalty from his Miami contract.

It doesn't look like we're losing too much ground with recruits despite the coaching uncertainty:

Thus far, with a coaching search that's heading into a second month, Alabama has lost just one oral commitment. Receiver Jermaine McKenzie of Bradenton Prep reneged and committed to Miami.

... recruiting analyst J.C. Shurburtt said Alabama hasn't lost major ground yet, despite the loss of McKenzie to Miami.

"As long as they get a coach who has pop with recruits, they'll be OK," Shurburtt said. "In my opinion, a lot depends on keeping certain staff members around. Take Chris Ball, the secondary coach, for instance. He is an excellent recruiter."

Recruiting is in a dead period until Friday, when coaches are again allowed to make contact and visit prospects. That's a key date for Alabama to have a new coach named, Shurburtt said.