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In Case You Forgot...

...the NCAA sucks.

Recruiting Changes Discussed at AFCA Convention

SAN ANTONIO, Texas - Each year at the American Football Coaches Association Convention, one of the most anticipated seminars is the NCAA Division I Recruiting Seminar.

This year was no exception.

There are always numerous hot-button issues, but nothing concerned coaches more this year than the newly implemented NCAA bylaw that doesn't allow them to attend any event that involves the testing of prospects.

NCAA bylaw says institutional staff members shall not attend any scholastic or non-scholastic activities devoted to agility, flexibility, speed or strength tests for prospective student athletes conducted at any location at any time.

That's right folks, the NCAA, in it's infinite wisdom, has now forbidden college coaches from testing the athletic abilities of recruits (i.e. 40-yard dash time, vertical leap, bench press, and etc.) during their own summer camps.  And don't expect any sort of acknowledgment of the sheer boneheadery on display by this new rule:

Kerin and Geoff Silver, another member of the NCAA Membership Services, said at this point there's no wiggle room in the rule.

"It is what it is," Kerin said. "Coaches are not allowed at any event with testing, period."

Let's just hope that they realize after this season that this is an idiotic rule and overturn it, like they just did with the graduate transfer rule.

h/t The Capstone Report