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Friday AM Links and Such

The Press-Register has a few excerpts from an interview with Saban conducted by ESPN Sportscenter. It will be a two parter, and the first installment will air Sunday night at 10:30 pm with Part 2 Monday at 5 pm.  The quote that stands out the most (emphasis mine):

When I landed in the airplane to get here the first day, and there were two to three thousand fans at the airport, it really restored all the memories of the spirit of college football and the passion that people have for it, and it was great to see and it was great to want to be wanted.

I need you to need me...

Still no official word on the OC position:

The hiring of an offensive coordinator is considered the most crucial. The News reported on Wednesday that Saban offered the job to Miami Dolphins quarterbacks coach Jason Garrett. On Thursday, Saban denied that.

"I haven't offered the job to anyone at this time," said Saban, who is also considering Rice offensive coordinator Major Applewhite. "We talked to a lot of people about it."

But as Coolhand Mike points out, the Houston Chronicle claims Applewhite is headed to Tuscaloosa to coach the quarterbacks, not as OC.  However that shakes out, Saban does expect to have seven coaches (including himself), the maximum number allowable by the NCAA, in place to go recruiting this weekend, though, and he plans to honor all the commitments to recruits made by the Shula regime.

ClayNation embarks on a fool's errand by trying to rank the hottness of the ladies of the SEC.  Shockingly Ole Miss is #1 (despite Orson's protestations), but where does Alabama fall?  A surprisingly low #8.  But then again, Clay is a Vols fan (boo! hiss!) so what does he know?

She begs to differ.

A quick welcome to Maize 'n Brew, the new Michigan blogger for SBNation.  If you read his old blog, you know he's worth reading, and we're glad he's here to make the rest of us look that much better by association.