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Tuesday AM Links and Such

The Saban staff is now complete, with Burton Burns (if that is his real name...) coming to Tuscaloosa.  Burns coached the running backs at Clemson and has been with TerryTommy Bowden's staff for nine years, signing on with Bowden at Tulane and following him to Clemson.  He fills the last vacant spot on the staff, joining Kevin Steele, Lance Thompson, Kirby Smart, Ron Middleton, Bo Davis, Joe Pendry, Steve Marshall, and Major Applewhite.  There is still no official word on the specific duties of each. takes a look at the Tide seniors eyeing the NFL draft, and it looks like the prospects for first day selection aren't very good.  McClain will probably go highest but, as the article notes,  fullback is rarely a draft priority for teams.

Maybe if you'd focused on actually being a cover corner instead of just running your mouth about it...

Today's "Not Just A Football School" update courtesy of the women's wheelchair basketball team, who upset the defending national champion Illini Sunday 46-41 in the Pioneer Classic Championship Game.

It's that time of year again, when the CFB season is fading into memory, and thoughts turn to arguments over playoff systems and how TEH PAC10 SUXXS1!!!.  The Mayor has a fine series of posts concerning SEC out of conference scheduling after Pac 10 blog Tightwad Hill decided to throw a jab the SEC's way.  Start here, and read your way up.  It's well worth it.  It's also gotten me to thinking about the OOC scheduling implications of a playoff system, and has further driven me into the bowl system camp.  More tonight.

Do us a favor, and keep your eyes out for the Saban Sportscenter interviews on YouTube. If you happen to spot them before we do, leave a link in the comments por favor.

Update [2007-1-16 10:57:55 by Todd]:

Steve Dave found them (and so did Hack), so without further ado: (click 'read more' to watch)