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It's Pronounced "Doo-Mahs"

Nicole and I had an e-mail conversation about the whole "Pro Athletes...JUST LIKE YOU AND ME!" issue after she spotted Amhan Green during her lunch break last week.  I thought it was kind of random that she would spot him at a Quizno's, but they do have tastey sandwiches, so whatever.  


So in the spirt of that conversation, here's your "Pro Athletes...JUST LIKE YOU AND ME!  ONLY STUPID!" update of the day.  Apparently Michael Vick likes his weed, so much so that he can't be seperated from it for a few hours traveling from Miami to Atlanta.  Because when you're Michael Vick you can't afford to buy more weed once the plane lands.  So yeah, way to help out those continuing PR troubles there Mike.  Sadly, getting busted for only misdemeanor possession is actually setting a good example for little brother Marcus.