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Friday A.M. Links

It's 1:07 a.m. I'm in the library here at UA. I'm tired of doing it's Friday links time:

I've never really followed recruiting very closely because no one knows how these players will turn out in the college game despite the insane amount of analysis put into it. I begin to really get interested in a player after watching them in that first open scrimmage (i.e. Terry Grant.) That being said, here's the list of players visiting Alabama this weekend. Five star recruit John Brown (DT) is among them.

Via Sports Illustrated, here's the list of underclassmen that have declared for the NFL draft. Unsurprisingly, the list is chock full o' Gators and Buckeyes. Not only were those teams stacked with talent, I guess a lot of them figured they got their shot at collegiate football glory a few weeks ago and should cash in while their stock is high. Other notable departures: JaMarcus Russell (cue collective SEC sigh), Sidney Rice, Adrian Peterson, Calvin Johnson, Dwayne Jarret and Michael Bush. Despite inclusion on the list, Colt Brennan has decided to stay at Hawai'i.

Card Chronicle is letting the world know about Louisville's 2006 football national championship.

The Mayor takes Georgia Congressman Jack Kingston to task for snubbing Florida in the congratulatory resolution always passed by congress to sports champions.

The first week at school has had me super busy and has found me behind on my blog reading. Congrats to Colt Brennan on winning the first annual Maxwell Pundit Award. The Hawai'i fans I encountered were some of the nicest I've ever met and I've found myself wishing them nothing but good (except when playing us of course.)

Roll Bama Roll's very own Todd is back up to his movie watching antics. No, he isn't watching 1,000 movies in one year again, he's going for a very reasonable three a week this time. If you're into movies, it's always fun to see what Todd digs up since his self imposed rules state he can't watch anything he's seen.

Since we're talking about off-topic stuff generated by the authors of this site, I'm doing super brief reviews (along with YouTube clips) of my 10 favorite CDs of 2006 (in alpha order.) Arctic Monkeys and Benevento Russo Duo have been covered so far.

College Football Resource has Nick Saban listed second in his Ranking the SEC Coaches post.

Big thanks to Arkansas fans for making us Bama fans look sane.

House That Rock Build has Nick Saban doing some guest blogging.

Lastly, I've been interviewing candidates for my RBR eye candy choice since I disagreed with Todd over his choice of Anna Faris. Of course, I could always stick with Alba....