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The Chatter on WJOX Says... one knows what's going on with Saban.  The Miami area journalists that have been on are essentially saying they think Saban is coming to Alabama but they wouldn't be surprised if he stayed in Miami.  I personally would like to take a moment to say there is no stopping him. Saban will soon be here, and we here at RollBamaRoll welcome our new overlord head coach. We'd like to remind him that as trusted blog personalities, we can be helpful in rounding up others to toil in his underground sugar caves write glowing features about his coaching genius.

Update [2007-1-2 12:31:49 by Todd]:
- WJOX is reporting that Saban hasn't been in his office today.

- Here's a good article from the Miami Herald about the non-monetary factors on Saban's mind.