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9 AM

Saban has asked both Alabama and Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga to give him until 10 o'clock tomorrow morning (9 CST) to make a decision.  

"The meeting went good," Huizenga said. "We had a quick meeting. We had a nice conversation. Coach asked if we could defer the decision until 10 o'clock tomorrow morning. And then he went into several reasons as to why he wanted to do that. I agree 100 percent with his reasons. I understand more now what he's thinking about."


"I am not upset," Huizenga said. "I love Nick Saban. I hope he stays. I'm optimistic."

I really don't think this looks good for us.

Update [2007-1-2 18:40:20 by Todd]:

Both EDSBS and Hack report that Scott Moore of claimed Saban is a done deal on Finebaum. Still, as Nico is fond of saying, I'll believe it when I see the man in an Alabama hat in Tuscaloosa being announced as the new HC by Mal Moore.