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Sunday Afternoon Links and Such

Cecil Hurt thinks CMG is right to keep Ronald Steele on the floor:

..there is another way to be Jordanesque as well, a way that can't be measured in the tangible, physical part of the game. It's an attitude, or a confidence -- the confidence that the player has in himself and, by extension, the confidence that his team has in him.

Ronald Steele still has that quality, in a way that no one else on his team -- or most other SEC teams -- can approach.

The Buzzer Beater

Prominent Bama fan Warren St. John is working on a new piece, this time about the other futbol.

The Tuscaloosa News has a look at the new football staff, and how it fits Saban's "template."

Via Black Shoe Diaries, turns out Irish wide out Jeff Samardzija isn't a consesus All-American.  The NCAA...HUH...Good God Y'all...

Bailiff Introduced as Rice Coach

Insert "good to see Richard Moll working again" joke here.