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Monday Noonish Links and Recruiting Stuff

Nico and I both tend to stay away from recruiting stuff, worrying more about how the players we do land work out once they get here than the guys we might land before they've played a down of college ball.  But considering the agressive focus and nature of Nick Saban and his staff when it comes to recruiting, this season my ears have perked up a little more when I hear talk of "prospects" and "official visits."  So here are a few links regarding recruits and commitments, and be sure to check in with Clay every so often for updates.

  • Clay just updated his recruiting guide, so go check it out to see who has been offered, if (and where) they are committed, and some video links.
  • The Capstone Report was all over recruiting this weekend.
  • has this list of Bama commitments, though I wouldn't rely to heavily on it.  They seem to lag about a week behind on everything.  Stick with instead.
  • The Mobile Press-Register takes a look at how Alabama fared with the recruits who visited the campus this weekend.
  • Also, check in on the ESPN Briefing Room for more recruiting tidbits.
Congratulations to former Bama player Mark Anderson, who sacked New Orleans QB Drew Brees and forced a fumble in the NFC championship game yesterday to help the Bears reach the Super Bowl for the first time since 1985.  Since they'll be facing the Peyton Manning (boo! hiss!) led Colts, consider me a Bears fan for the next few weeks.

Ladies, you're on notice:  The bar has been raised.

This SNL clip about the Michael Vick silliness in Miami has been making the rounds, so in case you missed it: