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Vol blogger Corn From a Jar has taken issue with some of my recent postings:

TUSCALOOSA, AL -- Bloggers known only as Nico and Todd have allegedly kidnapped beloved Tennessee mascot Smokey and are threatening the canine's life if semi-popular Alabama blog Roll Bama Roll does not win Best SEC Blog in the 2006 College Football Blogger Awards.

As I stated on both occasions, I plan to murder the mangey hound as an enticement for votes, and if we win the dog gets it.  Pehaps the disillusionment they need to be working on is their own strange idea that they have a working grasp of the English language.

What more can you expect when they consider this their "chemistry" department?

In all seriousness, though, Rocky Top Talk is a fine blog, even if they do cover the hideously orange clad embodiment of all that is evil, and are also up for SEC Blog of the Year. Both Joel and Corn From a Jar do great work, especially with the animated features like the BCS race and the drive charts, and are imminently deserving of both the nomination and the award itself. Good luck to you both, and if we win, I'd like to buy you a beer jug while I'm in Knoxville on business.

Looks like the human Smokey might have it in for the dog Smokey, too...