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Thursday Evening Links and Such

Things are ridiculously hectic right now, and I'm headed out of town tomorrow afternoon, so look for the final two installments of the "Scheduling I'd Like to See" series starting Monday.  In the meantime, BamaHoops will be along with his thoughts on the Arkansas game Saturday, and of course, there are links:

Mike Shula is now the QB coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars.  I want to wish both Coach Shula the best of luck in his new position.  We might not have thought too highly of him as a head coach or a play caller, but he done a great job with the two QBs he's coached here and will hopefully have a longer and successful career doing the same in the pro ranks..  Check out Big Cat Country for more info on the new coach.

Doug has the message board theory on why Alabama Basketball is struggling at the moment:  We don't have enough white guys on the team.

Gottfried is a below average coach, and he's not that good of a recruiter. If so, he would get some CULTURAL DIVERSITY!!! That's right, I said it. You know Gottfried, white people can play basketball too! I promise you wouldn't have to worry about them playing hard every game either like you do with the so-called "great" athletes you have now. They play when they wanna play. That's bad coaching.

Now you know why I don't read message boards.

 If you thought owning all of Daniel Moore's prints was hardcore, how about owning the turf that they took place on?

"Yes, it is a nice painting, but if you'll follow me to the basement, I can show you Steve Beuerlein's actual head print."

The Mayor has an interesting proposition for the Kentucky Wildcats.

First they vindicate the SEC, then they shame us:  

I'm pretty sure that's Orson in the doo rag...