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Todd Graham: The New Tuberville

So I was reading this article about Major Applewhite that appeared in the Birmingham News over the weekend, and this part struck me:

But how much credit should he receive? Former Rice coach Todd Graham, who left after one season to become Tulsa's coach, said not much.

"We run Rice's offense, not Major Applewhite's offense," Graham told an Austin, Texas television station. "That was my offense."

That, [Rice QB Chase] Clement said, is far from the truth. Graham was a defensive coach, he pointed out.

"It was 100 percent Major's offense," Clement said. "Coach Graham, and I'm not trying to knock him, couldn't even tell us the name of one play. A lot of (the offense) came from Texas and just from Applewhite. It was what he compiled.

First he signs a contract extension with Rice before heading to division rival Tulsa three days later, and then he starts taking credit for other people's work.  Sound familiar?

Tommy hangs his head after being out-tubied by Graham.