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Alabama in the NFL

The number changed, but the man wearing it didn't

Dignan beat us to the punch on this, but in case you missed the diary former Bama great DeMeco Ryans was named NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year today:

Ryans, the first pick in the second round, easily outshined top overall pick Mario Williams by leading the league in solo tackles with 126. His 156 total tackles were the most by a rookie in the last 20 years and he also had 3 1/2 sacks.

He received 36 of the 50 votes by a nationwide panel of sports writers and broadcasters who cover the NFL. Second was Chicago end Mark Anderson, who was Ryans' teammate at Alabama, with five votes.

Congratulations to both Ryans and Anderson for the recognition of the talent and drive they displayed at Alabama and continue to show in the pros.