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Recruiting Stuff

The Huntsville Times reports that WR Darius Hicks (I think they mean Hanks) of Norcross, GA has committed to the Tide..  He is only rated as a two star prospect by and wasn't highly recruited by BCS teams but, as the Capstone Report pointed out, Coach Saban is generally looking for athletic ability and the potential to improve rather than what they did in high school:

Getting the best athletes, with the most up-side potential, is what we can expect with Saban's recruiting. So, when Saban offers a recruit who hasn't been on the national recruiting radar, it is safe to assume there is a good reason (ie: Underwood.) So, take heart. If he signs an unrated player or a two-star, then he has good reason.

Also from The Huntsville Times, safety Michael McNeil will announce his decision today after previously stating that he would postpone his decision after visiting Alabama.  He is expected to choose between the Tide, Auburn, Tennessee, and Florida State, and is considered a strong lean towards Auburn and FSU.

For a full list of the commitments so far, go here, and go see Clay for a list of recruits he thinks we have a good chance at landing and that have been offered but haven't made their decision.  Note, it hasn't been updated since Friday, so a few of the weekend commitments still show as undecided, so don't panic.