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Wednesday Afternoon Links and Such: Special "All Saban" Edition

Saban's first A-Day game is set for April 21st, so mark your calendars.

Speaking of Saban, apparently the going has been rough for him lately because he didn't land Michael McNeil, a recruit that has been solid for Auburn or Florida State for some time now.  The fact that McNeil even hesitated after meeting Saban and touring the facilities should say something for the man, but I guess that doesn't really cut it for Neal McCready.  

And speaking again of Saban, EDSBS points us to this hilarious (and profane, so if you're the easily offended type just scroll on down) anecdote Saban shared with a handful of reporters about how LSU fans feel about his return to the SEC but not to them:

For audio, click here.

"My friends are okay with it. The rest of those guys? One of my, one of my guy on the board -- you guys won't be able to put this on the thing -- was walking down the street, one of the Board of Trustees guys like these people around here and sitting up on the stage today at LSU, is walking down the street yesterday before the Sugar Bowl. He calls me. There's a guy working in a ditch. One of those coon-ass guys that talk funny. I can't talk like him but he can. Most people in Louisiana can. And he says, `Hey, you see where Coach Saban signed up with Alabama?' You know however they talk. And the Board of Trustees guy says, `Yeah, I saw that.' And he says, `That son of a bitch. I feel like he's f-king my wife."

The Rumor Mill goes on to add that Saban followed it up with:

"But that's how [LSU fans] are, though. They're passionate, hardcore. . . . That's why I made that statement today about how I really don't want that [animosity from LSU fans]. That was a negative."

What he didn't mention was that, in addition to their passion for LSU football, they apparently smell like corn dogs.