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Today's "Fear the Orgeron" Update...

...courtesy the delightfully named QB prospect Cannon Smith.  

Headline:  Smith decommits from Ole Miss, needs to get away

Image conjured:  A frantic Smith family throwing clothes and personal items into bags as they attempt to flee for their lives from an enraged Ed Orgeron.

The Orgeron arrives at the Smith house to do some "recruiting."

What it actually refers to:  Smith had a few off the field problems recently, namely an arrest for possession of and intent to distribute ecstasy.  Though the Rebels haven't pulled their scholarship offer (Possible new recruiting slogan: Ole Miss...All the perks of playing for Tennessee with none of the toothless women!), Smith feels that he needs to get away from his home to straighten his life out.

The "Wait, It Gets Better!" portion of his plan:  He intends to visit Miami (FL). You know, because Da U is known for taking troubled youths and using football as a means to mold them into fine, upstanding citizens.