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New Podcast

Real life is rudely intruding at the moment, but I'll be doing a podcast at with Orson on the hiring of Nick Saban, so check that out later.  In the meantime, Hack runs the Saban linkage down, so I don't have to.  

Of special note, check out Ivan Maisel's column since he's an idiot and wants to make sure you know it:

It may fly in the face of recent history to believe that Alabama should have hired someone for whom the program would be a step up. They have tried that in the last four hires over 10 years, and Mike DuBose, Dennis Franchione, Mike Price and Mike Shula didn't work.


The way to success in the SEC, as Auburn, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida have illustrated, is to hire coaches on their way up who will build programs that last.

So since it hasn't worked the last FOUR TRIES, then obviously we should try again.  Idiot.