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What They're Saying About the Saban Hire

The mainstream media is having their say and so is the blogosphere. Most folks seem to think Alabama has made an incredibly huge mistake and one person even likened it to dealing with the devil.

I look forward to writing my own thoughts on the situation once I've settled into my new place in Tuscaloosa. In the meantime, here's a collection of snippets from around the blogosphere about Alabama hiring Nick Saban (thanks to Corn Nation for some of these links):


Alabama's 32 million dollar blunder:

"Alabama is trying for the home run, yet it doesn't realize that Sandy Koufax is the pitcher.

When Saban leaves in two years after 16 wins and a Peach Bowl, maybe [Alabama] will understand that the problem lies from within.


$32  million = Out of Control:

With three years left on his Miami contract, Saban decided the challenge of coaching at Alabama was too good to pass up. Who can blame him? Alabama is throwing the bank at him and if he can return the program to glory, he'll be a hero throughout the football-crazed state.

But seriously, is a school really committing more than $30 million to a football coach? What if Saban can't turn the program around? What if he struggles in his first three seasons? Will Alabama fire him and eat the rest of his contract before hiring another high-profile coach? When does the spending stop?


Nick Saban Can Turn Water Into Wine:

With the kind of money being thrown at him, Saban better win right away. That means next year Alabama should have a minimum of 8 regular season wins and within three years they should be contending for the national championship.


Slick Nick Slithers Into Tuscaloosa:

At $4 million a year how long will it take the Houndstooth Mafia to grow restless? How soon will he have to defeat Auburn? The first year? Remember, Auburn took three of five from LSU while Saban was in Baton Rouge. If I'm Tommy Tuberville today, I'm breathing a sigh of relief. He gets to face Saban instead of Petrino or Jim Grobe. And with that salary, Saban's already got the noose around his neck.

It's funny that the same fans, who to this day can't stand Dennis Franchione because he left Alabama after saying he was staying, are now making excuses for Saban. This once proud football program continues to spiral out of control. Today just makes it worse.


Nick Saban Coverage and Commentary:

So what if [he] leaves in 4 or 5 years. Bama will be left with a full cupboard of recruits, and it's much easier and less expensive to go "coach shopping" when you're winning than when you're on probation, 3-8 or dealing with stripper scandals.

At the end of the day, Bama made the best hire that they could make to put them back on track. And as a Georgia fan, I'm eager to see Tennessee and Auburn pick up more losses each year. Especially to a program that we only play 2 out of every 5 years.


Credit Where It's Due:

As Ivan Maisel notes this evening, going out and bribing a coach out of the NFL is a classic desperation ploy. It's an admission that the Alabama job just isn't attractive to anybody who values his job security or sanity. In the end, they had to go for this crazy Hail Mary because it's all they've got left. They've tried everything else. And they've done it because being cemented in the wake of a successful Auburn is driving them completely crazy. (emphasis theirs)


The Saban Situation:

But I wonder if what looks to me like the prevailing Auburn fan attitude of "Whatever, Saban ain't that special" isn't a case of looking so hard for silver linings we're missing the thundercloud. Auburn needs to see the threat for what it is: namely, an Alabama that in a couple years' time is going to be on the level with Saban's LSU teams. Saban may be a two-faced liar who honors promises and allegiances to no one but himself, but he's a two-faced liar who honors promises and allegiances to no one but himself who can coach college ball like hell.