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An Open Letter to All Bama Fans

To the Bama Nation,
Please, let's get our act together.  We've just made a momentous hire in Nick Saban and consequently the national sports media spotlight is on us.  So I beg of you, don't act like a bunch of psychos and live up to every awful stereotype about Alabama fans (or residents of Alabama/the south in general) that they want the rest of the country to believe.  Don't stalk the man and his family.  Don't offer your bare chest to him for an autograph, especially if you're a man.  Don't post his personal information online and act like it's okay because you just wanted to wish him luck.  Don't turn private moments for he and his family into autograph sessions (I'm looking directly at you, guy who thought the middle of a church service was an appropriate time to ask Coach Shula for an autograph).  Let's display some of that class and dignity we're always talking about.  We're fans of the greatest program in the history of college football, so let's be the fans it deserves.  Roll Tide!

Update [2007-1-5 15:30:1 by Todd]:

It's pathetic that I have to post this, but as commenter Roll Chevy Roll points out, the number that keeps getting posted on this site IS NOT NICK SABAN'S:

Okay, so I broke down and called it, not because I wanted to talk to Coach Saban, mostly because I wanted to prove just how full of $hit PartyPokerBilouxi really is. I just wanted to know if he was really that crazy that he would post CNS's digits or if he is just an asshole F*#$@g with everyone

so this old man answers and it caught me offguard, so I asked who it was and he started going off screaming "why the F#*k is everyone blowing up my phone screaming roll tide. Stop F$#@*g calling me!!" and hung up

As far as I can tell the number has been expunged from this site and the user who keeps posting has been blocked, but if you see a phone number with a 251 area code floating around anywhere, IT IS NOT NICK SABAN'S. DO NOT CALL IT. There's an old man in Mobile who would very much appreciate it.