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Possible Saban Assistants

The Birmingham News reports that Miami Dolphins safeties coach Kirby Smart has been hired to coach the defensive backs at UA.  They also provide a list of assistant coaches that could possibly come to Alabama to be a part of Saban's staff:

Saban spent much of the day interviewing prospective coaches. A full roster of coaches with whom he spoke Friday was not available, but according to two sources familiar with the process, some of them are:

Mississippi State running backs coach Shane Beamer, a former Virginia Tech player whose father is longtime Hokies coach Frank Beamer.

Former Houston Texans offensive line coach Steve Marshall, who also was an offensive coordinator at Texas A&M and at North Carolina.

Travis Jones, an assistant defensive line coach with the Dolphins, who played at Georgia.

Bobby Williams, the Dolphins running backs coach, who followed Saban as Michigan State head coach.

Additionally, LSU offensive line coach Stacy Searels is expected to visit Tuscaloosa and speak with Saban today.

Still no word on Jimbo Fisher, but from everything I've been reading it looks like he's more likely to take the FSU job since the UA trustees screwed him out of the HC position at UAB.  I honestly don't blame him.

Update [2007-1-6 23:43:37 by Todd]:

The Georgia Sports Blog reports that Stacy Searels is headed to UGA, while Hack brings us word that FSU has rescinded their offer to Jimbo Fisher. Fingers crossed people...