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On Saban's Salary

Via The Capstone Report, a couple of excellent columns concerning the "OUTRAGEOUS" salary being earned by Nick Saban:

The Brewton Standard - Our Opinion: Coach's pay is pure economics

Are college coaches paid too much?

Maybe. But then so are pro athletes and actors.

From an economic standpoint, Saban's $30 million over eight years is what the market allows. That salary won't even make a dent in what the football program makes in a year, and if he wins, Alabama stands to make even more in merchandising and bowl appearances.

Anna Faris doesn't think she's overpaid.

Ray Melick - College football coaches deserve to cash in

So is it outrageous that a college football coach should make $3.5 million a year? Sure it is.

But is it any more outrageous than a college coach making $2 million? Or $1 million? Once you cross a certain threshold - and who knows what that threshold is - does the level of outrageousness really matter?


College football didn't just suddenly get out of whack. In 1890, 40,000 people paid $15 a ticket to see Yale and Princeton, prompting Richard Harding Davis of Harper's Weekly to write, "There is only one man in New Haven of more importance than (football coach) Walter Camp, and I have forgotten his name. I think he is the president of the university."